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Feeling th’ ol’ blues

A cold starry night in the Deep South; a black blues player huddled by the side of the road is approached by a well-spoken white man with an unusual proposition. Diflucan Cross Road Blues is a gripping and disturbing play written and directed by David Hall.

The acting is top class. Robert Johnson (Daley Pritchard) is portrayed with real empathy: a man, like all men, who understands the Blues. James Purdon is chilling as the mysterious stranger, mercilessly teasing out Johnson’s pain and gaining his trust.

Accents can easily break a play. Less often, but certainly in this case, they make it. The set is minimal; the action infrequent: the story is told by the characters. Doxycycline 200mg the unashamed savouring of each and every word, as well as taking the play right to the home of blues music better than any set might do, realises the potential of the poetic imagery of the script. The choice of words, the phrasing, and the timing, in both monologues and dialogues, is perfect.

Emma Rose McGlone