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In the superstitious world of the American deep south, there have long been stories about an association between exceptional talent and possession by other-worldly powers. Robert Johnson, the now legendary King of the Delta Blues, died very young, apparently poisoned by a jealous woman, but then and now there remain rumours about his deal with the devil.

This brilliant and stylish two-hander, written and directed by David Hall, depicts Johnson, played by Kwesi Asiedu-Mensah, waiting at a cross-roads at midnight. From the shadows a white man, Adam Bisno, appears, offers him a cigarette and tells him a story. He does not give his name Cleocin, but he is happy to talk, and Johnson in time overcomes his natural suspicions. And his life is changed forever.

This is a moving and graphic depiction of 1930s America, skilfully directed, and excellently acted by the two young performers.

Neil Ingram